All the tomatoes that pass through our facilities are processed by hand, including the packaging, and mainly the sewing.

The sewing system to form the “string of tomatoes,” we continue to do what grandma Teresa began, and then transmitted it to Pilar, her daughter-in-law, the first and second generations of the company, in the same mas. Today, they are still sewn one-by-one to an esparto grass rope, as it was always done.

Our ancestors hung them in the attic of the house and kept them for several months, using them during the winter, at which time it was impossible to grow crops in Castellón due to weather conditions, to cook and spread over bread.

High Pressure Processing

The growing demand of today’s consumers of convenient products (ready-to-eat prepared dishes) with better flavour and nutritional quality while free of additives and preservatives, has led our company, MAS DELS FUMEROS, to create our own naturally grated tomato: RUBBY TOMATOES.

Because the heat treatments traditionally used for preserving products in the food industry cause certain unwanted effects, such as eliminating vitamins or changing the flavour and colour, at our company, we have decided to use High Pressure Processing (HPP).

What is high pressure?

HPP RUBBY, High Pressure Processing

High Pressure Processing is a non-thermal processing method in which food, within its final, flexible container, is placed in a steel vessel and subjected to high levels of isostatic pressures (300 - 600 MPa/43,500 - 87,000 psi) transmitted by water.

Why use high pressure?

Natural, respectful, and healthy

High pressure processing is a natural process, respectful of the environment, and allows us to well preserve the ingredients and characteristics of the fresh product, representing a real alternative to the traditional thermal and/or chemical treatments.

The main advantages of high pressure technology are:

  • Destruction of pathogens (Listeria, Salmonella, Vibrio, Norovirus, etc.): Food security and access to export markets.
  • Increase product life: fewer product returns, better production, and logistics organization.
  • Dramatically reduces the altering flora (lactic acid bacteria, coliform bacteria...): Higher quality during the life of the product.
  • It retains the characteristics of the fresh product: sensory and nutritional properties remain intact: Higher product quality.
  • Avoid or reduce the need for preservatives: “natural” seal (natural/without additives).
  • New innovative proposals. Products that were previously impossible to produce, because they cannot be heat treated, can now be processed through high pressure methods: innovation and competitive advantage.
  • Opening molluscs or extracting fresh crustacean meat (without cooking): Higher yields, product freshness, and minimal labour.
  • It requires only water (recycled) and electricity: respectful toward the environment.

For all this, and thinking of our CUSTOMERS, at MAS DELS FUMEROS we have decided to bet on this NEW PRODUCT, trying to satisfy the demand of consumers without forgetting the FLAVOUR, NATURAL QUALITY, and ENVIRONMENT.