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Mas dels Fumeros is a family business dedicated to the production, handling, and marketing of “tomata de penjar”, or “hanging tomatoes” (preserved, organic, and conventional), almonds and truffles.

We are the third generation of farmers who are still active today. Each generation has brought our experience to the company, but traditional methods of cultivation and product transformation have remained from one generation to the next, ensuring the endurance of the knowledge acquired but taking advantage of new techniques and reaching new markets. This is the value transmitted after all these years, which helps us achieve personality and uniqueness with our tomatoes, almonds and truffles.

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Mas dels Fumeros is and always will be gastronomic artistry

It is the place where women's delicate hands sew each tomato, stitch by stitch, to the stem, bolstering the sweetness and unique flavour of this almost extinct variety, allowing this authentic delicacy to become the star of our dishes

Our brand focuses exclusively on the quality of our products. It is the value that distinguishes us from the rest of the rubbing tomatoes or tomata de penjar (hanging tomato).

We produce exclusive culinary products at our farms: Tomata de Penjar, a native variety that we fight to keep alive, Marcona Almonds and Truffles from Maestrazgo de Castellón and Teruel regions.

We are a professional family business. Linked to the land, our own roots, and ecology. We are in constant growth as the basis of our reason for being, which allows us to meet the needs of our customers as their tastes evolve.


MAS DELS FUMEROS, in addition to the brand, is the name of the mas (a country house in Castellón), where we began three generations ago, and which is now linked to the production of tomatoes, almonds, and truffles.

But our grandparents and great-grandparents were also born in this mas (with more than 175 years of history). Our people are humble folk who are deeply rooted in the land, who have always produced wine, olives, wheat, almonds, and spirits, and have lived on what the countryside provided.

Mas dels Fumeros

Today, Mas dels Fumeros is among the leading rubbing tomato brands on the market: Catalonia, the Balearic Islands, the Valencian Community, and other regions of Spain and European markets, which we have achieved in recent years.

Our company is located in Mas dels Fumeros, in the municipality of Les Useres (Castellón). It is in this area where most of our produce farms are located, farms that have loose and stony soils, at a height of 400 metres above sea level, high in calcium and subjected to hot summers and mild winters with little rain (moderate average rainfall of 450-500 mm/year), which provides the high quality of our products.

All year round

At MAS DELS FUMEROS, we produce for 12 months a year. During the spring and summer in Castellón and in winter and autumn in the warmer areas of Spain.

Producing 12 months a year allows us to reach our customers while fulfilling orders with the same quality every day of the week throughout the entire year.