Melanosporum Black truffle

The black truffle or tuber melanosporum (scientific name) is an edible mushroom with a round shape and a blackish or brown color on the outside and white or brown on the inside.

It is highly appreciated gastronomically for its aroma and is characterized by combining bitter and spicy notes in its flavor, giving the dishes a characteristic flavor.

Our black truffle is collected between the months of November to March in the regions of the Maestrazgo de Castellón and Teruel.

Storage temperature/transport:The product is kept refrigerated between 2º and 5º, and should be consumed, preferably, within 8 days.

Expected use:Culinary consumption, preferably fresh. If it requires minimal cooking, so as not to spoil the truffle, since if it gets too hot, it can lose its aroma and flavor.

Distribution Areas: Catalonia, Valencian Community, Madrid, Balearic Islands, and Zaragoza. Chain stores that sell the product throughout Spain and several countries in Europe.

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